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Assemblez le modèle de ventilateur de plafond qui vous plaît

Customize your ceiling fan,
the way you like it

The Modulo ceiling fans are the market’s most atypical thermal regulation tool. And for a good reason; Apart from its formidable efficacy, it allows incredible combinations making i tan essential decorative element.

According to Klassfan, the product should adapt to the client and not the other way around. Therefore, what does this mean?

Modulo allows the combination of multiple elements in order to offer a wide variety of designs.

There are four elements to choose from:

Motor, Blades, with or without light kit and the rods.

6 motor x 46 blades x with or without light kit x 5 rods for a total of 2760 possibilities!


Regular is a ceiling fan with a modern design with a lot to choose from. Can cool rooms from 20 to 50 m2. Versatility, design and technology all in one ceiling fan.

Customize your Modulo Regular


The fullWood line is composed by a series of blades that close at the bottom, giving a much more pure and minimalist design, no cover or light. Here, the natural Wood is the protagonist. Blades range from 106 cm to 166 cm.

Customize your Modulo FullWood

Modulo SLIM

Slim is a more discrete and stylized version of the Modulo Regular. Just like the Regular, it’s a super destratifier but also an exceptional ceiling fan equipped with the latest technology such as a DC motor, HyperSilence performance, WiFi, Thermostat, auto-balance and many other possibilities.

Customize your Modulo SLIM

Modulo OURAY

Modulo Ouray le bois sinon rien !

Ouray is a super destratifier and efficient ceiling fan with a very elaborate and unique design. The motor gets covered by the wooden blades, integrating the whole design around the natural wood. This product is a excellent example of style and technology, as it includes all the great characteristics of Klassfan plus a wider range of blades going from 106 cm to 223 cm.

Customize your Modulo OURAY


Modulo Tenerife is ceiling fan with a minimalistic approach to its design. Compatible with both ABS resin blades and natural wood, the style is much discrete.

Customize your Modulo TENERIFE

Outdoor Modulo IP44

VIP44 outdoor fan: Enjoy the cooling breeze outdoors

For those who wish to bring a touch of comfort to their outdoor spaces, the IP44 outdoor fan from the Modulo range is the perfect choice. Built to withstand humidity and temperature fluctuations, this fan combines advanced performance and durability to grant you the pleasant outdoor experience you dream of.

Composez your outside modulo IP44

The Modulos are an extremely efficient solution for thermal regulation both in summer and winter.

Air destratifiers or reversible ceiling fans.

Their purpose is to retrieve the hot air from the ceilings and bring it to where we are: The first two meters of our spaces.

This destratification technique brings considerable energy efficiency if used alongside your heating system.

More about destratification.

Control your Modulo anywhere,
easily using your smartphone.

A home automation app to control everything.

The Klassfan line of products can be controlled using the TuyaSmart App, allowing and advance programming of your devices. Whether at home or away. This App is also compatible with every voice assistant in the market: Alexa, Siri, Google assistant and many others. With Klassfan, you’re already in the future.

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